KCX Designs is a Houston-based web & graphic design company.

User-focused web & graphic design is all about perception and presence

The Houston business market is thriving and if you want to compete you need a strategy for your web and graphic design. Our company creates content that helps you establish brand authority, reliability, and clear communication.

94% of first impressions relate to your site’s web design, so it’s important to create a website that puts your best foot forward.

User-focused content is the key to creating impactful web designs

Every business requires careful market planning to succeed. There are no templates for creating an impactful business because every successful business capitalizes on its own unique personality. What works for one business may not work for another business, because success is about reacting to your target market and adjusting to meet your audience’s expectations. 

We build our research around user-focus and what role you play in your audience’s lives. The web and graphic designs that we create are all built on the principles of user focus.

User-focused strategy

Our design process focuses on the needs of your user through these marketing tools:
Demographic Research
User Profiling
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research

Graphic design is all about understanding your core audience

We love to create content that inspires imagination

In today’s business world it’s hard to make a lasting impression, because there is a lot of noise on the internet. Focusing on the needs of your audience helps you to create value and makes your brand memorable. 

KCX Design helps you to cut through the noise by creating content that will excite, inform, and keep your audience dialed in to what your business has to offer. This value is how businesses grow online.

Web Design & Development

A well designed website is the cornerstone of an effective digital presence. If designed right, your website will act as a hub that brings all of your marketing together. A website will also create a touchpoint between your business and the people who are looking for you.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the use of graphics and visual communication to support your message. The art of graphic design is finding ways to communicate complex ideas in easy to understand visual cues. A good design should inform, educate, and inspire your audience. A good graphic design can make a lasting impression.

Business Branding

Recognition and consistency are the keys to communicating who you are to the world. Everything from the colors you use, the ways you style your fonts and your choice in images tell a story about what you have to offer. Everything about your branding should be a deliberate choice that helps tell a story about your business.

Presentation Design

Support your next meeting or your website with supplemental sales materials, such as slideshows or infographics. Using slideshows, showcases, or infographics in your sales strategy has shown to boost revenue by 25% and generate nearly 200% more backlinks to your content.

KCX Designs has a 6-point design strategy

Our designs are built around a non-negotiable 6 point strategy based on proven marketing principles. These principles are a blueprint for better understanding your sales goals, the needs of your audience, and charting a path to your businesses success.

When you succeed, you make us look amazing. It’s a win-win partnership!

We Target Your Audience

By performing marketing research, we gain insight into your audience’s goals: what they want, what they expect, and what they will respond to. This allows us to choose everything from the tone of the copy we write, what colors and images will make an impact, and which social media streams to capitalize on. This means you get a professional design that is created to compete at the highest level. Targeting audiences also gives you a baseline to measure your success.

We Set Goals

It's not enough to talk about success; we want to show it to you! We set realistic goals and use a system of metrics to prove that our tactics are working through collected data. This will show you how you’re marketing plan are performing so that you can make informed decisions for refining your goals and building new strategies. Your goals should adapt as your industry and business change, and we will help you make these decisions.

We Build Trust Through Value

Our websites are designed around the idea of creating value. Your content should be a convincing sales pitch, but it should also give your clients something that they can use. By giving your clients useful content you establish authority over your industry and build trust. Trust is the first step in any relationship and you can build on the trust you earn. This something-for-something dynamic will help grow your brand's recognition and influence

We Build Leads

Our website design strategy is built to help you build leads and convert your audience. As you earn your audience’s trust and build a relationship, we make it easy for your audience to graduate from passive observers to paying clients. By capturing sales leads we create a touchpoint for your sales team to make direct contact with your clients and guide them through the sales process. This gives you an opportunity to make a more personal connection with your potential clients.

We Plan & Track Success

We don’t waste money or effort on campaigns that aren’t a good fit for your brand. We will help you to choose marketing streams that will effectively reach the people who are using your services and help you to establish goals based on conversion rates for your industry. Once launched, we use analytics to track user engagement. 

Time and money are limited resources and we don't waste either one.

We Invest In You

We approach our projects as a partnership between our company and our clients. Your success helps to build our success, which means we have invested in you as much as you have invested in us. Our marketing and advertising solutions are built on the idea of building long term partnerships.

KCX Designs offers full-service solutions for all of your digital design needs

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